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Property is not a commodity which you can buy and forget about. If the value of your property is to be maintained, it must be cared for. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. A building needs to be protected from the elements. Wind and rain can quickly cause damage which, if not treated and repaired will lead to more serious long-term problems requiring expensive correction. If your property is not protected against the elements, your investment will not be secure.
  2. If your property is not maintained internally and externally to a high standard, tenants will pass it by in favour of better quality accommodation. If a landlord doesn't care for his property he is unlikely to care for his tenant. Maintenance and decor are especially important where there is a slump in the availability of tenants resulting in competition between landlords.
  3. Having invested in a property, it may be a reasonable option to add extra bedrooms or bathrooms enabling you to increase your return on that investment. A reliable builder can help you add to your investment in a productive way.

CSM Estate Agents have contact within the building trade who have proven to be reliable. We are happy to advise our landlords on development and maintenance programmes suitable for their property portfolio.

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